Government of Andhra Pradesh
Commissionerate of Collegiate Education
Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad
S.No Personal Information
1 Zone:  
2 College in which the incumbent is now working            
Choose District Choose GDC
3  Full Name:    
4 Designation:
5 Subject:  
6 Sex  
7 In case of Principals, the Institution activity report as assessed by the CCE:
8 Scale of Pay:  
9 HRA Category:   %      
10 Native District  
11 Native Place    
12 Stay in  present Station located in
Note: In respect of employees working on deputation including on OD basis, his/her stay shall be considered at the place of deputation and shall be awarded points with reference to the points alloted to the place of deputation.
13 Date of Birth(DD/MM/YYYY)  
14 Age as on 01-06-2016:     Years
15 Date of Retirement:(Ex: DD/MM/YYYY)  
16 Period of Service in the Present Cadre in the present station as on 01-06-2016.

(ex: DD/MM/YYYY)
From :  
To     :  

Total  Service in present station :  

  years     months    days 
17 Total service as on 01-06-2016 in the present Cadre

(ex: DD/MM/YYY)
From :
To    :  

Total  Service in the present cadre :  

years   months   days  
18 Total service rendered in Non-Focal area :  
19 whether availed long leave at present station

(ex: DD/MM/YYYY)
From :
To    :
20 Details of the Disiciplinary Cases if any:
21 Give details of pass % in the concerned subject duly certifying the principal of the College(If teacher is handled more than two papers then average of them should be entered):
March/April 2016 :
     Percentage : % 
22 Is incumbent involved in Major Research Projects?
23 Is incumbent acting as NAAC Coordinator where college has submitted SSR/RAR
24 API Score  
25 AADPI Score
26 Whether applicant is district level Officer Bearer  
Reasons for Request for Transfer
a)if the applicant is unmarried women/widow/divorce
(applicable only in case of women applicant)
b) Transfer request on Spouse Grounds
i) Name of the  spouse :  
ii) Office:   
iii)Place :  
iv) District :
v)spouse working organization
v) whether certificate from the competent authority as mentioned in the guidelines at point no.5(b)(v) has been enclosed.
c)Transfer request on Physically handicap Grounds

i)Nature of Physical handicap  
ii) what is the percentage of handicap %
iii)whether the medical certificate from the Govt. Doctor not below rank of Civil Surgeon submitted?
d) Transfer request on Medical Grounds

i)Nature of the disease
ii)whether the medical certificate issued by the competent authority i.e. District Medical Board/State Medical Board enclosed
e)whether the Applicant is having dependent children with mentally retarded
f)Whether the dependent children suffering from Juvenile Diabetes and children suffering from congenital Heart problems and are under medical treatment    
g) Recommendations of principal with special remarks.
Place of posting requested for
Preference College and Place
Choose District Choose College Whether clear Vacancy