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Commissionerate of Collegiate Education
Mana TV cell


                            Government of Andhra Pradesh had entered in to a MOU with ISRO for establishing multi channel Satellite network and using the KU-Band for promoting the use of Information Technology for the overall development of the state. It has been designated as MANA TV.

                                                         The Information Technology & Communications Department of the State Government has constituted SAPNET (Society for Andhra Pradesh Network) to undertake educational programmes production and Telecasting of Video lessons on behalf of all the wings of Education.

                                                  In the Commisionerate of Collegiate Education a separate wing called Mana TV Cell is established to administer the programmes of the Mana TV, content generation, correspondence and finance management of the budget allotted etc.

Importance of Mana TV:

• Covers 170 Govet. Degree Colleges & can communicate(1 way video and 2 way audio)

• Provides uniform teaching, one individual teacher’s expertise can be viewed and shared by all colleges

• Gives scope to improve the skills of teachers by observing other expert teachers

• Provides opportunity to teach with visuals and animations

• A platform to explore the potentials of the teachers and students too


• To help students in rural, backward and remote areas where there is shortage of faculty and infrastructure facilities.

• To supplement classroom teaching for better grasping of the subject

• To provide uniform teaching to all the students

• To provide access for students to interact with subject experts.

• To impart counseling to the students for vertical & horizontal mobility.

• To train the students in Job oriented programmes through Certificate courses.

• To conduct Special live programmes and teleconferences with experts.

                     Telecast of Mana TV lessons are through Channel I (Recorded lessons) and Channel II (Live and Interactive presentation) .Channel I of Collegiate Education has come into operation from 3.7.2001 and channel II from 3.10.2002. Now 170 Government Degree colleges and a few private aided colleges have the receiver sets.

                     Channel I telecasts “Video Recorded Lessons” of under graduate subjects on topics where students need special emphasis for grasping the subject matter through visually oriented presentations.

                     The scope of channel II is wide as it brings experts into the studio to deliver “Live presentations”. Students can interact with the subject expert or presenter through direct phone in interaction. These live telecasts are scheduled from 11.00 am to 11.45 am. It is used in many ways like.

 To telecast live lessons on important topics of under graduate subjects including restructured subjects like Bio Technology, Micro Biology and Computer Science etc.

To conduct Teleconferences & Certificate course on “soft skills and Communication skills”.


The Department so far produced 470 videocassettes for channel I telecast and 850 inter active lessons through channel II.

The recorded versions of interactive lessons are also telecast through channel I.

The Department conducted 12 teleconferences (one way video and two ways audio) where in Commissioner of Collegiate Education interacted with the Principals, lecturers and students of all Government Degree Colleges. This is a tool to inter act simultaneously with all and to review on academic programmes.

A Live panel discussion was organized on “British administration in India, Advantages & Disadvantages from political, socio-economic, administrative and historical perspectives” by Commissioner of Collegiate Education and subject experts from other universities.

Special live programmes were conducted on

           • Communicative Language Teaching by English language Fellow experts from RELO (Regional English Language Office) Delhi

          • Personality Development & Coping with Stress during Examinations by Dr.B.V.Pattabhiram, Educational Psychologist

            • Career Opportunities in GVK EMRI by Sri.Venkat. Ch, EMRI Country Head and Special Live on Infosys Placement Drive

             • Gandhian Philosophy by Sri.Subhash Roy from National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD) & Dr.Rajender Reddy from Gandhi Prathishtan Sanstan, Hyd • AIDS – Awareness by by Dr.Rama Krishna, Deputy Director, APSACS, Ms.Nirupama Rao, Consultant, APSACS

• The Department prepared a DVD, named Veekshana by compiling nearly 334 PPTs of live presentations in different subjects like Biotechnology, Microbiology, Computer Science, Botany, Zoology, chemistry, Physics, Commerce, Economics, English and Soft skills and given to all colleges.

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