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Learning ManagementSystem(LMS)

                     A Learning Management System (LMS) manages the process of learning. The marketplace offers hundreds of different LMS products priced from thousands to millions of US dollars. All LMS products manage learners, provide reports, and manage access to self-paced courses and/or instructor-led courses. Some LMS products also manage one or more of these:

  • Administration
    • Groups (i.e. organizations within a company, jobs, geographical, working groups)
    • Administrative permissions (who can access data, who can perform certain functions)
  • Training management
    • Scheduling and access to virtual classes
    • Creation of blended learning
    • Assignment of training based on certification requirements
    • Authoring
    • Online sales of courses
  • Employee management
    • Skill assessment
    • Assignment of training based on skills
    • Performance reviews
    • Recruiting
    • Succession management


Selecting the right LMS for your organization depends on your business needs, budget, and IT capabilities.

Typical LMS Needs

Business Needs

Types of Organizations


Deliver self-paced courses

Small and mid-sized companies, associations, sales groups

e-Learning Consulting

Manage all types of training

Mid-sized and large companies


Training and Performance Management

Large companies

Sum Total



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