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Autonomous Colleges

Need for Autonomy:

The affiliating system of colleges was originally designed when their number in a University was small. Now the number of colleges under each University vastly increased. In the present system, the colleges do not have the freedom to modernize their curricula or make them locally relevant. They cannot differ from their parent University through their own methods of teaching and assessment of student work. The prescriptivism of the University and its common system governing all colleges alike, irrespective of their characteristic strengths, weaknesses and locations have affected the academic development of colleges. Colleges which have the potential for offering programmes of a higher standard do not have the freedom to offer them. The 1964-66 Education Commission pointed out that the exercise of academic freedom by teachers is a crucial requirement to the development of the intellectual climate of our country and achieve excellence in our higher education system. An autonomous college will have the freedom to devise its curriculum, evolve more effective methods of teaching and learning conduct is own programme of assessment and examination and to undertake other specific programmes in order to achieve academic excellence. These were rightly highlighted by the authors of the National Policy on Education (1986-1992).

Objectives of Autonomy:

An autonomous college will have freedom to

  1. Determine and prescribe its own courses of study and syllabi. 
  2. Prescribe rules for admission in consonance with the reservation policy of the State Government. 
  3. Evolve methods of assessment of student work, the conduct of examinations and Notifications of results. 
  4. Use modern tools of educational technology to achieve higher standards and greater Creativity.

A College becomes autonomous when the autonomous status is conferred on it by the University concerned after a thorough process and evaluations involving the UGC etc., an Autonomous college will have a more independent academic functioning under a Governing Body/ Executive Council assisted by various committees.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh is encouraging all eligible colleges to opt for autonomy as a means to achieve excellence and local relevance.

List of Autonomous Colleges in the State


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