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1. Dated 12-4-2010 G.O. RPS

2.Review meeting with Principals, JKC,DRC,UGC & NAAC Coordinators of GDCs in Hyderabad on 12 March 2010 at Conference Hall O/o CCE Hyderabad

3. Collegiate Education Engaging Contract Faculty in Government Degree Colleges for the academic year 2010-11-Guidelines-Issued

4. JKC MentorRecruit2010 - Provisional Slection List & Counselling Schedule

5. Infosys BPO Campus Drive 2010 for 2010 Passouts (JKC Trained Students)

6. Government Degree Colleges - Strengthening of infrastructure in the college - Budget allotment towards Minor Works - Adminstrative Sanction for the current financial year 2010-11 Orders - Issued

7. All the principals of Govt./aided colleges are instructed that 2009-2010(final year )results must send ID colleges through given prescribed format immediately.

8. State Awards of 2010 Do Letter

9. State Awards 2010 Proceedings to Colleges.

10. State Awards 2010 Do Letter to Universities.

11. Proceedings of programme schedule of Sri Krishna Devaraya Panchama Satabdi Mahotsvalu to conduct college wise and dist wise.

12. Furnishing of Information for implimentation of Human Resource Management System(HRMS) for all Govt. and Private aided colleges.

13. Govt. Degree Colleges Budget allotment towards Minor Works-Administrative Sanction for the current financial year 2010-11.

14. Sri Krishna Devaraya Pancha Satabdi Mohostavalu for Degree Colleges in Rayalaseema.

15. Principals promotion postings for the year 2010.

16. MANA TV Doletters and Monthly formats.

17. proceedings for to participate regional seminar and competitons at Tanuku and Anantapur for the District winners on the occassion fo 500th year of coronation of Sri Krishnadevarayalu.

18. Filling up the vacant posts of Principals of Government Degree College in the State by promotion of Lecturers-Place of postings-Option-Called for.

19. List of Executive Committee Dist Coordinators for Telugu Language Cultural Committee.

20. Budget 2nd Quarter of the Year 2010-2011

21. MANA TV Schedule and feedback form.

22. Sri Krishna Devarayala Pattabhisheka Panchasati Celebrations-Coastal Andhra Region Competitions 31 July 2010 permission letter.

 23.Filling up Physical Directors Gr-I.

24. Circular of APVCC to all GDC's..

25. UGC pay scales on the basis of 6h pay for Teachers in Universities and Colleges from 1.1.2006 regarding.

26. Govt.Degree Colleges-Strengthening of infrastructure in the Govt.Degree Colleges-Budget allotment towards Minor Works -Administrative Sanction for the current financial year 2010-2011-Orders-Issued.

27.State Awards 2010-University Teachers.

28.Proforma-UGC Pay Scales under C.A.S for Junior Lecturer Promotees and Direct Recruitees.

29.DCEDRC Videoconference on 28.8.10 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM at your Districts.

30.FAC Orders for Government Degree Colleges.

31.State Awards 2010 Names of the University and Affiliated College Teachers.

32.Commissioner's DO Letter for State Awards.

33.State Awards 2010 Guidelines.

34.Budget released during the financial year 2010-2011.

35.Vigilance Awareness period from 25-10-2010 to 01-11-2010.

36.G.O.Rt. No. 744 - Fixation of pay of Lecturers working in Government Degree Colleges- Drawing State pay Scales and possess M.Phil. in UGC Pay Scales prior to 11.07.2009-orders -issued

37.Principals Promotion - Postings October 2010

38.Posting of JLs by way of Recruitment by Transfer dated:03-11-2010.

39.Junior Lecturers Promotions phase-II vacancy position in Language Subjects zonewise.

40.Junior Lecturers Promotions Posting Orders Phase-II November 2010

41.UGC Revised Pay scales 2006 - Orders for retired teaching staff in Universities and Colleges - Method of calculation for gratuity & applicability of new/old Commutation tables - furnished. Dated : 23-12-2010






47. Budget Released for the year 2010-11-Surrender Unspent Balances -Reg

48.Proc. Reg - Budget Allotment towards minor Works - Administrative Sanction for the current financial year 2010-11- orders issued

49.Re-engaging of Contract Faculty - Proceedings

50.Proceedings of Disturbed Part Time Lecturers in Govt. Degree Colleges in the state

51.Gemini TV Doc. program on Women Jobs now a days.

52.UGC Revised pay scale 2006 - Orders for retired teaching staff in Univ. & Colleges.

53.Sanction of funds towards construction of College Buildings

54.Pvt. Aided degree College-Dr. A. Suryanarayana Reddy, Lecturer in Physics,S.V. Degree College, Kadapa redeployed to GDC(M) kadapa appointed asProject Officer, RVM (SSA), Kadapa Dist. on deputation basis- request for relief -regarding

55.Collegiate Education –Refresher Course in Chemistry – JNTU, Hyderabad - Nomination of Lecturers -Information to attend - Regarding

56.GDCs-Administrative sanction for Rs 1.50Crore towards purchase of furniture to the Principals of 55 colleges in the state

57.List of Files Disposed by Commissioner from 1.2.2011 to 9.2.2011.

58.Proc. Reg - Schedule of IRC for English Subject and Redefining the Role of JKC

59.List of Files Disposed by Commissioner from 10.2.2011 to 22.2.2011.

60.Orientation Course at University of Hyderabad - Nomination of Lecturers - Information to attend - Regarding

61.APCES-Lecturers in Arts & Commerce subject working in GDCs Permission to retire from services.Rc.No.143/Ser-III-2/2011.

62.List of Files Disposed by Commissioner from 10.2.2011 to 22.2.2011.

63.APCES-Lecturers in Arts & Commerce subject working in GDCs Permission to retire from services.Rc.No.143/Ser-III-2/2011.

64.Payment of salaries through Banks-Release of Advance Teaching Grant for Payment of Encashment of Earned Leave for 15 days Dt: 30-03-2011

65.Implementation fo UGC 2006 Pay Scales to the College Teachers who were in the State Pay Scales and come into the UGC pay scales after 1.1.2006 by option-certain information called for

66.Collegiate Education-A.P.S.R.A.C.-Digital Mapping of Pvt Aided Degree Colleges and Oriental Colleges information-called for-Reg

67.Engaging of the services of Outsourcing persons in vacant posts available in GDCs & in office of the Regional Joint Director of Collegiate Education in the State

68.Transfers Postings Principals/Lecturers

70.Transfers Postings Superintendents

71.Contract Faculty-Certain Information called for 2011

72.Agreement reached between the Telangana Joint Action Committee of Employees, Teachers and workers-Cancellation of Deputations made in violation of Presidential Order-Orders -Issued

73.Public Services - Implementation of Automatic Advancement Scheme- Modified Ordes -Issued

74.ManaTV Proceedings & Program Schedule(Live & Recorded for July& August 2011

75.GDCs Part Time Lecturers Continuation for the academic year 2011-12

76. Renewal of Contract Lecturers 2011-12

77. Principals FAC Orders

78. Proceedings for MANA TV Topic Selection Workshop

79. Vacancy Position for Principals

80. Transfers 2011-12(Non Teaching Staff)

81. Contract Lecturers Salary for the Period of 01.11.2010 to 31.01.2011

82. Proceedings of Disturbed Part Time Lecturers in Govt. Degree Colleges in the state

83. Pension Proposals

84. walkins in Rofous Software pvt.Ltd

85. Payment of salaries through Banks-Release of Advance Teaching Grant for Payment of Encashment of Earned Leave for 15 days

86. Revised Guidelines of JKC Special Training Programmme

87. G.O.Ms.No:54 Dt: 8.06.2011 Implementation to all GDC/Private Colleges. Sanction of Consolidated pension Pensioners Lecturers(Retired)


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