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Proceedings of the Commissioner of Collegiate Education

Proceedings of the Commissioner of Collegiate Education, AP :: Hyderabad

Present: Sri G.N Rao, I.A.S


Rc.No: 25/JKC/CIO/Pvt.Colleges/2008-09                                   Dated:  10.06.2008


Sub:--   Collegiate Education – Establishment of Jawahar Knowledge Centers (JKCs) in Certain Private Aided and Unaided Degree Colleges in the State under the jurisdiction of the JKC Monitoring Cell, Commissionerate of Collegiate Education, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh -  Orders issued – Reg.


Read:   1.Govt.Memo.No.1121/CE-I-2/2008-1, Higher Education Department.

   2. This office Lr.No. 10 / JKC / CIO / 2007- 08, Dated: 29.01.2008



The Commissionerate of Collegiate Education is the administrative head for all Degree Colleges in the State. Jawahar Knowledge Centres (JKCs) are excellent finishing Schools instituted in 2005 by the Government of Andhra Pradesh with a mission to provide employment opportunities to the students in Govt. Degree Colleges of the state. With an intention of bridging the gap between academics and industry and train our students in weak areas like analytical skills and communication skills, the JKCs in Degree Colleges have evolved into a useful preparing platform.  Inspired by JKCs ability to deliver according to the demands of global job market, the Govt. intends to diversify the benefits of this project to Pvt. Aided & Unaided Degree colleges also across the state of Andhra Pradesh. Govt. in their Memo 1st cited , decided that the Commissioner of Collegiate Education is solely responsible for implementing the JKC programs in all Degree Colleges ( Government, Private Aided and Private Unaided) in Andhra Pradesh.

Hence, the Commissioner of Collegiate Education is pleased to extend the status of JKC to the Colleges mentioned in the Annexure, subject to the conditions laid down by the JKC Monitoring Cell, O/o CCE, A.P., Hyderabad vide reference second cited. The training to the mentors by the JKC Monitoring Cell, O/o CCE, AP., Hyderabad will be given in the month of July 2008. The JKC programs at College level shall be commenced from June 2008. All these JKCs (as mentioned in the Annexure) will have to function under the jurisdiction of the nodal JKCs established in Govt. Degree Colleges across the state. All other details in connection with JKC activities will be informed through nodal JKCs from time to time.

In this connection, the Correspondents/Principals of Pvt. Aided and Pvt. Unaided Degree Colleges at the address entry are categorically informed that no financial aid will be provided by the Govt. for either establishing JKCs and its maintenance now or in future.

The Principals and JKC Coordinators are instructed to follow the guidelines of JKC Monitoring Cell scrupulously. The Correspondents/Principals shall bestow their personal attention on JKC activities and any deviations from the guidelines pertaining to JKC will result in with drawing the JKC status without any notice besides initiating suitable action. Please visit our website: for any other information. For any further details and enquiries, they may contact DR. David Kumar Rapaka, Chief Information Officer, Ph: 9989334981 & 9989334982.


                                    Sd/- G. N Rao , I.A.S

                        Commissioner of Collegiate Education              


                        For Commissioner of Collegiate Education 



The Correspondents / Principals of Pvt. Colleges as per the



Annexure – List of Pvt. Degree Colleges allotted JKC Status.

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