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Please read the instructions mentioned below.

1 The aim of the collecting of the pdf files from lecturers is that keeping an online study point provision to the college students. Please share the link "http://apcce.gov.in/Stu.Pre" to your students to access student dashboard where all these pdf files information is kept open for study purpose.

2 Keep/framing the pdf filename as follows to indentify the filename uniquely.

Club 4 letters from the topic, 3 letters from college name, 3 letters from area of your college, 3 letters from your name, any 2 digits.pdf

Example: carpsaspurraj39.pdf
(4 letters from topic - carp, 3 letters from college name-sas, 3 letters from area of college - pur, 3 letters from lecturer name - raj, any 2 digits - 39.pdf)

3 First page of the pdf file must contain name of the Lecturer and college of the Lecturer.

4 Do not upload hand written material which are not readable/visible.

5 Do not upload scanned pdf files which are scanned by the Mobile phones.

6 Do not upload the pdf files which are not prepared by the Lecturer.

7 Do not upload one slide or two slides of information. It must contain proper details of the topic.

8 Do not paste your photo in each and every page of the pdf file.

9 While uploading it takes some time to submission of the webform data. Hence, click on submit button once. Don't click submit button again and again while submission process is taking place.

10 After uploading, your pdf files are kept under consideration. After verifying the uploaded pdfs on above mentioned parameters, then only they are activated.

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11 Enter username, password and press Submit button in the above form (username and password same as which are supplied for submitting API score)

12 Submit the presentations prepared by the Lecturers in their concerned subjects in .pdf format only. If presentation is in the ppt format, please convert it into pdf format and upload. These presentations will be displayed in APCCE website based on the reports of the experts, for the benefit of the students.

13 Click here for Reports

14 For any technical queries please contact Sri G D Rajender, Academic Officer Ph: 98663 99182.