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Accreditation of Colleges by NAAC


S.No. Task Responsibility
(in consultation with OSD)
1. Pre-NAAC Visits File Movement and Intimation to Colleges Mr. E. Vara Prasad
2. Post Visit Report Preparation Dr. T. John Kiran
3. a. IIQA pending Colleges: Monitoring and Sheet updation
b. Collection and Filing of PT reports and Grade sheets
Dr. T. Malathi Rekha
4. SSR Draft Submission & PT Visit Status Monitoring Dr. N. Srinivasa Rao
5. Status Sheet for VCs Mr. E. Vara Prasad
6. Deputation of CCE Nominees for PT Visits: File Movement and Intimation Mr. E. Vara Prasad
7. SSR Draft Reviews Dr. K. Vijaya Babu,
Dr. T. John Kiran
Mr. E. Vara Prasad
8. Academic Audit Dr. T. John Kiran
9. Preparation of QA booklets and SOPs Team
10. Organization of Online Reviews Workshops etc., Team
11. Technical Assistance Mr. T. Rajesh

Monitoring Accreditation and Assessment:

The NAAC monitoring wing of the Academic Cell of APCCE planned to strengthen the assessment and Accreditation process.
APCCE – NAAC has been monitoring and guiding colleges on these lines.

  1. Training of Principals and IQAC Coordinators on the metrics and Revised SSRs.
  2. Training of IQAC Coordinators through workshops on SSR and AQAR preparation.
  3. Reviewing colleges online periodically.
  4. Monitoring and guiding colleges for submission of SSRs and for Peer Team visits.
  5. Identifying potential colleges and monitoring for better grade and encouraging them for autonomous status (Cat – 1).
  6. Identifying the potential colleges which got their accreditation cycle expired and motivating them for reaccreditation. (Cat – 2).
  7. Leading colleges that got their accreditation cycle expired long ago and motivating them for Provisional Accreditation (Cat – 3).
  8. Issued Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) on preparations for NAAC accreditation and Documentation of activities .

Action Plan and Achievements:

👉NAAC Action Plan

    • So far 108 colleges were monitored online
    • The colleges that submitted their SSRs are being monitored for Peer Team visit
    • Recently KSN GDC, Anantapur secured ‘A’ grade with 3.15 CGPA.
    • KVR GDC(W), Autonomous secured B++
    • APCCE – NAAC team is visiting colleges, guiding them for preparing SSR before the submission of IIQA.
    • 31st October 2022 Deadline was set up for submission of IIQA for the colleges that lost their NAAC validity.
    • Online and Physical Monitoring is being done through visits.

Accreditation of Government Degree Colleges by NAAC:

S.No.ZoneDistrictName of the CollegeNAAC Cycle
NAAC Grade
Present CGPAGrade Valid From
Grade Valid To
1 IIEast GodavariGDC (A) RAJAMAHENDRAVARAMIIIA+3.3820-10-202010-01-2025
2 IVisakhapatnamGDC (W) VISAKHAPATNAMIIA+3.2805-08-202305-07-2028
3 IVChittoorGDC NAGARIIIIA+3.2805-01-202330-04-2028
4 IIITirupatiGDC (VISVODAYA) VENKATAGIRIIIA3.2508-02-202308-01-2028
5 IVChittoorGDC (W) CHITTOORIVA3.2305-01-202330-04-2028
6 IVAnantapuramuGDC (M)(A) ANANTAPURAMUIVA3.1908-12-202308-11-2028
7 IIWest GodavariGDC (SCIM) TANUKUIIIA3.1830-01-202329-01-2028
8 IIISPS NelloreGDC (DK)(W)(A) NELLOREIIIA3.1603-12-202303-11-2028
9 IVAnantapuramuGDC (W)(A) ANANTAPURAMUIIIA3.1511-03-202211-02-2027
10 IIEluruGDC (YVNR) KAIKALURIIIA3.1307-08-202307-07-2028
11 IAnakapalliGDC (SGA) YELLAMANCHILIIIIA3.1306-10-202306-09-2028
12 IVAnantapuramuGDC (SKP) GUNTAKALIIIA3.1224-06-202323-06-2028
13 ISrikakulamGDC (W)(A) SRIKAKULAMIIIA3.0930-12-201929-12-2024
14 IIKrishnaGDC (SRR&CVR)(A) VIJAYAWADAIVA3.0308-12-202308-11-2028
15 IVChittoorGDC (PVKN)(A) CHITTOORIIIA3.0230-12-201829-12-2023
16 IVChittoorGDC KARVETINAGARAMIIB++3.0019-07-202318-07-2028
17 IIITirupatiGDC SULLURPETAIIIB++3.0019-05-202318-05-2028
18 IIIGunturGDC (W)(A) GUNTURIIIB++2.9113-07-201907-12-2024
19 IIISPS NelloreGDC (TRR) KANDUKURIIIB++2.8419-05-202318-05-2028
20 IVAnnamayyaGDC VALMIKIPURAMIIIB++2.8305-01-202330-04-2028
21 IVAnnamayyaGDC (SG) PILERIIIB++2.8319-07-202318-07-2028
22 IVTirupatiGDC PUTTURIIIB++2.7629-03-202128-03-2026
23 IVKurnoolGDC (KVR)(W)(A) KURNOOLIIIB++2.7631-05-202230-05-2027
24 IVTirupatiGDC (W) SRIKALAHASTIIIB+2.7318-08-201917-08-2024
25 IVTirupatiGDC (SVA)(M) SRIKALAHASTIIIIB+2.7022-03-201921-03-2024
26 IVAnantapuramuGDC RAYADURGIB+2.6713-07-201907-12-2024
27 IIWest GodavariGDC (ASNM)(A) PALAKOLIIIB+2.6708-12-202308-11-2028
28 IVAnnamayyaGDC (W) MADANAPALLEIIB+2.6608-12-202308-11-2028
29 IVChittoorGDC PALAMANERIIB+2.5704-09-202304-08-2028
30 IVYSRGDC (W)(A) KADAPAIIIB+2.4607-08-202307-07-2028
31 IVYSRGDC (M)(A) KADAPAIIIB+2.4008-08-201908-07-2024
32 IVAnnamayyaGDC (BT) MADANAPALLEIB2.3913-11-201911-12-2024
33 IIKakinadaGDC (ASD)(W)(A) KAKINADAIIIB2.3731-10-201830-10-2023
34 IAnakapalliGDC NARSIPATNAMIIIB2.3431-03-202330-03-2028
35 IIITirupatiGDC (SKR) GUDURIIIB2.2906-10-202306-09-2028
36 IVSri Satya SaiGDC (SYTR) MADAKASIRAIB2.2722-06-201921-06-2024
37 IIAlluri Sitharama RajuGDC RAMPACHODAVARAMIB2.1531-03-202330-03-2028
38 IAlluri Sitharama RajuGDC PADERUIIC1.9906-12-201906-11-2024
39 IVAnnamayyaGDC RAYACHOTIIC1.9907-08-201908-06-2024
40 IIEluruGDC (CSTS) JANGAREDDIGUDEMIIC1.9814-07-201913-07-2024

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