JKC Language Labs

Information technology is changing the very face of India has emerged as a strong nation capable of providing bright opportunities to the youngsters of this country. The ever increasing stress on the effective communication skills, computer knowledge and soft skills has strongly inspired the Commissionerate of Collegiate Education to provide effective coaching in these areas so as to train students in skills relevant to the needs of the job industry and continuously help them adapt to the competitive global business environment. Mere academic degree is not enough and every student should be capable of surviving in this competitive and extremely volatile job market. Therefore the Commissionerate of Collegiate Education has implemented student friendly and student oriented initiatives like the establishment of Language Labs to educate, train and support the career aspirations of students in Government Degree Colleges of Andhra Pradesh.

Establishment of 75 Language Labs has been taken up with the financial support from the Government and establishment is completed. Suitable English software has been installed and students have been undergoing training in communication skills. The software installed in these labs is highly beneficial to the student community and its three packages namely English Lab, Aptitude Lab and Career Lab aptly and efficiently enable students to speak fluently, listen carefully and think logically. Infact the efficiency of the software has been studied and tested by the English faculty before it was implemented in the Language Labs. All the English lecturers from colleges where the labs are established have been trained in the use of this particular software and guidance is offered regularly.