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Games and Sports

In Collegiate Education,Games and Sports play an important role in the development of integrated personality of the youth including – Body, Mind and Spirit.

Commisionerate of Collegiate Education, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, firmly believe in the importance of extracurricular activities and encourages College students to actively participate in a range of activities. There are 169 Government and 55 Private Aided colleges under the control of the CCE.

A student’s life is no less than a rollercoaster. In addition to learning new skills and exploring various opportunities, a student has a lot to deal with in terms of assignments, practical’s, exams, internships, workshops, lectures, and much more, essential to ensure optimum academic development. Amidst the busy schedule, it is very important to take a break to refresh oneself. This is where extracurricular activities play a vital role. These activities, during college life, keep the students positive, fresh, energetic and go a long way in making them more productive. Not only do they lighten their mood, but they also help in shaping their overall personality.

Under the administration of our dynamic Commissioner Dr. Pola Bhaskar, Commissionerate of Collegiate Education, the Colleges have various student clubs and sports facilities to ensure a comprehensive learning environment. Gone are the days when sportswas viewed just as a fitness activity. Apart from physical strength, it builds discipline, confidence, team spirit, and accountability. With this in view, sporting events are a priority at Government Degree Colleges and Private Aided Colleges. These Colleges have dedicated teams for various events, which compete in Inter-Collegiate and Intra-College competitions of the respective affiliated Universities. In addition to this, the students will take part in various District, State, National and International tournaments. Participation in Sporting events contribute to the overall development of the students.


Strive for “Mass Participation” of students in Games& Sports (Physical Activities) to develop Personal health,Fitness and Social qualities, which will enable them to become worthy citizens and in process endeavor to produce National and International Players.


"Games and Sports are the important dimensions of quality of an institution of Higher Learning".

Let the youth realize that “Body is the medium of all the endeavors”. Body should be strong to achieve heights in any sphere of life. To make youth aware of the importance of Games&Sports (Physical Activities) in the overall development i.e Physical,Mental,Social and Spiritual.


  1. To ensure "MASS PARTICIPATION" of students in games & Sports.
  2. To motivate Students to achieve health, Fitness & Social Qualities.
  3. Special efforts to take Games & Sports to the Tribal area Colleges which dominate the fitness of the students inorder to harness & develop Physical Skills & capabilities of tribal students.
  4. To achieve excellence in Sports performance.

Building Intrapersonal Skills:

Being involved in sports teaches the students various interpersonal skills such as patience, communication, leadership, punctuality, accountability, teamwork, trust, and others that will help them not only to win a particular sports competition, but also grow and achieve success in life.

EnhancesAcademic Performance:

Sports not only contribute to shaping student’spersonality, but also impact their academic performance significantly. There have been many studies proving that students involved in sports during their college life perform better in academics. Students need to take a break from their daily routine to ensure that they have stable mental health.

Ensure Physical and Mental Health:

Being fit mentally and physically is essential. By having sports as a hobbyfor students, they can boost theirmental health and also learn to maintain a balance between their curricular and co-curricular activities.
Sportsand Games is an essential part of a student’s life, as it focuses not only on the physical fitness aspect but also teaches them various life lessons that help in building their personality and ensuring a disciplined and bright future. We believe in the holistic development of students, by encouraging a balance between curricular and co-curricular activities.

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