BharathPadheOnline Abstract-4

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S.NoDistrictCollegeName of the FacultyWorking asSubjectTopicConducted DateNo. of Students EnrolledNo. of Students Attended% of attendedMethodology Adopted / Tools usedVideo Class Link
1 KURNOOLGDC-PSR&KVSC NANDYALAB.SUJATHARegular Lecturer Zoology Carbohydrates and Classification27-05-2021351748.57Cisco webex
2 KURNOOLGDC-PSR&KVSC NANDYALAYaddala SrinivasuluRegular Lecturer Computer ApplicationsSoftware27-05-2021501428Cisco webex app
3 KURNOOLGDC-PSR&KVSC NANDYALAYaddala SrinivasuluRegular Lecturer Computer ApplicationsHTML Body Text formatting Hyper links27-05-2021401025PPT Cisco webex app Youtube
4 KURNOOLGDC-PSR&KVSC NANDYALAYaddala SrinivasuluRegular Lecturer Computer ApplicationsMS Excel features window27-05-2021501326Laptop webex app ppt youtube
5 KURNOOLGDC-PSR&KVSC NANDYALAP Nataraja GuptaRedeployed Lecturer CommerceValid proposal essentials27-05-2021641523.44Google Meet
6 KURNOOLGDC-PSR&KVSC NANDYALAV J Sailaja RaniRegular Lecturer BotanyLichens27-05-202140512.5Cisco webex
7 KURNOOLGDC-PSR&KVSC NANDYALAGISHNU NAG VIJAY YELICHERLARegular Lecturer PhysicsFlag register Buses stack27-05-2021331133.33Cisco web ex app with graphic pen tablet. Lectuer method
8 KURNOOLGDC-PSR&KVSC NANDYALANeeraja PasupuletiRegular Lecturer BotanyInteraction on herbal medicine27-05-20215247.69Cisco WebEx Lecture method
9 KURNOOLGDC-PSR&KVSC NANDYALAMD FAIZULLAHRegular Lecturer Urdu DAAG ki gazal goie27-05-20218450cisco webex
10 KURNOOLGDC-PSR&KVSC NANDYALADr M RamanjaneyuluRegular Lecturer Political Science Collective Security Meaning Difinitions Nature and Characteristics 27-05-2021541935.19Adopted Lecture Method by Using Cisco Webex App
11 KURNOOLGDC-PSR&KVSC NANDYALAK JANARDHANUDURegular Lecturer CommerceIncome tax tax evasion and tax avoidance27-05-2021601016.67Through material shared by whatsapp
12 KURNOOLGDC-PSR&KVSC NANDYALAA.padmavathiRegular Lecturer PhysicsInverting Amplifier paper seven27-05-2021231147.83online class through Cisco webex