BharathPadheOnline Abstract-4

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S.NoDistrictCollegeName of the FacultyWorking asSubjectTopicConducted DateNo. of Students EnrolledNo. of Students Attended% of attendedMethodology Adopted / Tools usedVideo Class Link
1 KADAPAGDC POURMAMILLACH DEVI PALAKARegular Lecturer BotanyrDNA technology27-05-2021201050Google meet
2 KADAPAGDC POURMAMILLAK.A.JAMAL BASHARegular Lecturer PhysicsKeplers laws27-05-2021372156.76Ppt on Kepler laws explained through zoom app
3 KADAPAGDC POURMAMILLASIVARAMIREDDY N BRegular Lecturer PhysicsJ K FLIP FLOP27-05-202114535.71Zoom meeting
4 KADAPAGDC POURMAMILLADr D VEERA NAGENDRA KUMARRegular Lecturer Zoology Spermatogenesis27-05-202120420Google meet
5 KADAPAGDC POURMAMILLADr D VEERA NAGENDRA KUMARRegular Lecturer Zoology India major corps fishes27-05-202121628.57Google meet
6 KADAPAGDC POURMAMILLAADINARAYANA REDDY REKKALARegular Lecturer Chemistry bonding in metals valency bond theory27-05-202139923.08GOOGLE MEET
7 KADAPAGDC POURMAMILLAG C PEERAIAHRedeployed Lecturer Political Science coordination27-05-20219333.33GOOGLE MEET
8 KADAPAGDC POURMAMILLAKURELLA UTTAMSAGARRegular Lecturer CommerceEssentials of valid consideration27-05-2021221254.55Zoom meeting